CEO: Shai Novik
Headquarters: Nes Ziona, Israel
Acquisition: May 2007
APO Financing: $13 Million (Acquired in April 2013 for $480 Million by OPKO Health, Inc. )
Trading Venue: Aquired

PROLOR Biotech, Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company applying unique technologies, including patented CTP technology, primarily to develop longer-acting proprietary versions of already approved therapeutic proteins that currently generate billions of dollars in annual global sales. The CTP technology is applicable to virtually all proteins. In addition to its long-acting version of human growth hormone, which successfully completed a Phase II clinical trial, PROLOR is also developing long-acting versions of Factor VIIa and Factor IX for hemophilia and a GLP-1/Glucagon dual receptor agonist peptide for diabetes and obesity.