CEO: Stephen S. Yoder, J.D.
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
December 2014
APO Financing: $13,600,000
Trading Venue: NASDAQ CM (PIRS)

Pieris Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that discovers and develops Anticalin-based drugs to target validated disease pathways in a unique and transformative way. Our clinical pipeline includes immuno-oncology multi-specifics tailored for the tumor micro-environment, inhaled Anticalin proteins to treat respiratory diseases, such as uncontrolled asthma, and a half-life-optimized Anticalin protein to treat anemia. Proprietary to Pieris, Anticalin proteins are a novel class of therapeutics validated in the clinic and by partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies.

Anticalin proteins are engineered versions of lipocalins, human proteins that naturally bind, store and transport a wide spectrum of molecules. Our libraries of more than 100 billion different Anticalin proteins have repeatedly delivered drug candidates binding to a broad spectrum of therapeutic targets.