The Firm

Montrose Capital is a privately held company focused on identifying Public Markets Venture Capital investment opportunities. Through its partners, Montrose primarily invests in and finances, high growth early stage companies across a wide spectrum of global industries; including Biotechnology, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Robotics, and Technology. The partners of Montrose have successfully raised and participated in over One Billion Dollars in strategic investments.

Investment Criteria

We believe that an investment in people is the key success driver in any opportunity. We seek unique investments in high growth sectors where management has a financial stake in their company and are committed to its growth. Montrose partners will seek to invest in companies that are early stage or require strategic growth capital. It’s our belief that exposure to the public markets offers a company more opportunities to access further Equity and Debt requirements. Access to public markets allow a company to offer potential partners and strategic investors more options in which joint ventures and investments can be made.

Global Scope and Focus

Montrose Capital partners are comfortable investing in most geographic locations where management has a strong local presence. It is important that the community has an opportunity to benefit from the company’s presence and future growth. A strong Management Team and a focused Board of Directors are important parts of a company’s business plan. We are agnostic to the sector the business is in. Our goal is to enhance value at the shareholder level.


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